SGN - Kincraigie Fieldworks 150mm HP Steel Pipeline Diversion

Kincraigie Fieldworks 150mm HP Steel Pipeline Diversion.

 Client:     SGN                 Dates: December 2013 - July 2014

We carried out the installation of a 1.9km in length steel 4” diameter 19bar gas pipeline diversion as a permanent solution to the erosion that was taking place at the bank of the River Tay. Part of the fieldworks included decommissioning the bypass and reclaiming the 4"/6" pipe as well as two 4" ball valves. This part of the works involved the pipeline being run within the fields alongside the B898.  This contract was brought forward a few months due to the heavy rainfall experienced at the end of 2013. The Banks of the River Tay were receding faster than previously expected and there was a concern that the pipeline would be washed out. We started on site in December 2013 but then had to pull off due to the site being flooded. We completed these works at the end of July 2014.